Friends of SIIYP

Nintendo Fun Club: “Pessimism in gaming talk can fuck right off.” While not their official slogan, it may as well be. Nintendo Fun Club is Ryan (@brawndwarf), John (@ArcadeGhost), and Kevin, three dudes who just want to have fun and talk Nintendo. Great podcast, fourteen thumbs up.

Nintendo World Report: My old stomping grounds. Thanks to Zach Miller and Neal Ronaghan, I was welcomed onto the NWR as a news writer. Some time later I became the Features Editor, where I bathed the site in praise for Yoot Saito (Give A Hoot, Play Some Yoot!) and other such nonsense. Fantastic group of people over there.

USGamer: A home for great features, with a penchant for covering Japanese developed software. Many of my favourite staffers from reside here now, and they deserve all the support we can throw at them.

Pocketoid: A couple of rad dudes who do what I don’t, which is podcast their butts off! Find them on Twitter @Pocketoid, or follow the show’s hosts individually at @jackal27 (Jordan Starkweather) and @addison_I (Addison).

Portable Power: Really great portable gaming podcast. Really fun bunch of guys, so feel free to crack open a “brewsky” and let the good times roll. A particular highlight was Emrys’ live play session of Mega Man Xtreme, hilarious stuff.

The Pocket Players: A terrific bunch of guys that keep me in stitches with every episode. Plus, if you like saving money, they post a “Handheld Deals of the Week” feature.


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