Hello and welcome to Stick It In Your Pocket, the blog strictly about handheld gaming. What do I mean by handhelds, you ask? Well if it makes phonecalls and is raising a generation addicted to selfies, you won’t find it here. I’m focusing on handhelds as we knew them, the gizmos that eat small cartridges…and UMDs. Game Boy, 3DS, PSP, Vita, it’s all here (even a Game Gear with a massive scratch on the screen). My name is Tyler Ohlew, a former features editor at NintendoWorldReport.com, and I hope you and I become the best of friends.

Email: tylerohlew@stickitinyourpocket.com

Twitter: @tylerohlew

3DS: 3566 1542 2931 (Tweet me with yours so I can add you back)

PSN: schlew

Wii U: tylerohlew

Xbox 360: schlew23


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