Why the 2DS Benefits Everyone

The 2DS is awesome, providing a cheaper alternative of of one hell of a system.

No, you’re not reading a press release, nor have I accepted a job at Nintendo of Canada. This is how I honestly feel. The 2DS is a good thing, and not just for its intended demographic of ‘babies’.


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Sequelling The Urge

We’re nearing the holiday season, and as any gamer worth their salt knows, tis the season for sequels.

However, any feelings of joy as repressed by a heavy sadness in my heart. 

I’m lagging behind, my friends. I just may not have the time to enjoy these sequels as intended.

You see…I haven’t finished their predecessors yet.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney looms overhead, cackling. “Why, you haven’t forgotten about me, have you? How could you ever dive into Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies without beating me first? You fool! TIME, SHE IS A TICKING!”


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Top Ten Handheld Games Of The Year (So Far!) #5-1

Here you go, my top five favourite handheld games of the year (so far). So come and take a seat beside me on this faux bear-skin rug, take a sip of wine, and get to know me better. There’s even a (tiny) surprise at the end!
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Top 10 Handheld Games Of The Year (So Far!) #10-6

Heads up, a list is approaching! While it may be the bane of more professional writers, I figured a list detailing my favourite handheld games might help you and I get closer. Consider it some first date ice breaking, us learning a little more about each other.

Today I’ll cover #10-6, with #5-1 popping up tomorrow.

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Episode 44 – Surfing With the Boys

I didn’t talk about anything handheld, but Ryan and I talked some Pikmin 3! Check it out, get hooked, and download their entire catalog of ‘casts!

Nintendo Fun Club Podcast


Left-click here to listen in your browser or right-click, then “save link as…” to download the episode!

Nintendo Fun Club Podcast on iTunes

News: Ninja Gaiden II hitting 3DS eshop soon

Games: DuckTales: Remastered, Pikmin 3, Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, The Wonderful 101 (demo)


The Bouncing Souls – We Love Fun (unofficial Nintendo Fun Club theme song)

Pikmin – Ai No Uta (Another)

Bomb the Music Industry! – Hurricane Waves

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Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

I’ve always been a huge advocate for the Mario & Luigi series. Not that it really needs one, the games manage to do very well for themselves without my proclamations of greatness. But, proclaim I shall.

While I wouldn’t say the Paper Mario games have become insufferable, they have certainly been their own worst enemy as of late. While Sticker Star was enjoyable, its good intentions instead came off as trolling. An immediate difference between the most recent entries in either series was that I want and pursue battles in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. That point alone should interest anyone who was disappointed in last year’s papery adventure.


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From Meteos To Youteos

In 2005, Q Entertainment birthed two sons; Meteos and Lumines. While they shared a mother, it was their fathers that set them apart.

Meteos was of Masahiro Sakurai’s blood, and in turn, was born the superior game. This is fact. Unfortunately, Meteos was paired with the Nintendo DS, a handheld marred by deformity and a blasé launch lineup.

Lumines cackled in its brother’s general direction. “Look at you,” it sneered, “cozying up that dud of a system, while I bathe in the light of the PlayStation Portable; the coolest handheld on earth.” The boy’s father, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, was too busy dreaming up Child of Eden to witness his son’s insolence.

ENOUGH,” I shouted, cradling Meteos in my arms, “history will show it is you who will be the one to suck egg!”

Little did I know that A) historians don’t keep track of video game wars, and B) Meteos‘s poor timing meant it would be forgotten. Perhaps it’s time someone spoke for Meteos, teaching the world of its glory. Perhaps…that time is now.


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