Freelance Work

Text Adventures: The Story of Visual Novels in America – A look at the history of visual novels, what it’s like bringing one to our shores, and what the future holds for the genre.

It gave me a chance to speak with Ben Bateman (999, Sweet Fuse), Mike Engler (Xblaze Code: Embryo), Phoenix Spaulding (Danganronpa 1 & 2), and Tom Lipschultz (Corpse Party). I think you’ll enjoy it!

Handheldphobia: I wrote a feature for about the state of horror games on handhelds, and I was lucky enough to speak with the folks behind games like Lone Survivor, Corpse Party, Dementium: The Ward, and Home. It’s a genre we don’t see much of on our portables, which is crazy considering the benefits our handhelds afford us. You can bring them anywhere, which means you can heighten that sense of fear by changing your surroundings…perhaps heading somewhere a little less comfortable than your living room.


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