What’s The Opposite Of The Midas Touch?

I’d like to think that the damaged goods you’re about to see ended up that way for reasons beyond my control. Sure, I may have made odd decisions that led to their destruction, but it was all very indirect. Well, I say that but I somehow still stay up at night trying to wash this blood from my hands…and it just won’t come off. Two, count ’em TWO Game Boy Advances have fallen victim to these godforsaken hands of mine.


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On Wings of Pastrami

So the The Wonderful 101 is amazing. In a world blanketed in the fog of ‘AAA or bust’, it’s a breath of fresh air.

But since thus us a handheld gaming site. let me get to the point before I begin pleading with you to buy what is most definitely my favourite game of the year.

With all the Wonderful‘ing I’ve been up to, I was brought back to the early-ish days of 2012 and that year’s best game; Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The two relate in many ways, and despite following The Wonderful 101 pretty closely, it wasn’t something I expected. The debated controls, the hilarious dialog, and the surprising amount of content are all shared by these two fantastic titles. Suddenly, I couldn’t focus on the adventures of Wonder-Red and his merry band. I drifted off down memory lane, reminiscing about the amazing times Pit and I shared.


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Twisted Pixels

It’s difficult to see Wario like this, his signature line of microgames reduced to ‘launch window’ proof of concepts. Game & Wario isn’t the abomination you’ve been lead to believe, but it certainly isn’t what we’ve come to expect out of the WarioWare series.

While I’m hardly qualified to point out where and what went wrong with the series, I’m more than comfortable in extolling the virtues of its finest installment. Yes, I’m talking about WarioWare Twisted!.


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The Determining Factor

While there has been a fairly large disparity between the hardware that powers Nintendo and Sony’s portables, my decisions on which to support for the rare multiplatform games is never as cut and dry.

As I said, these situations are rare, becoming even more so in the current 3DS and Vita generation. However, the same game releasing on two separate platforms has plagued me before, and will again with the upcoming Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate.

Barring any technical differences, the decision comes down to preference. Rayman Origins was an easy choice, as the 3DS version was quite the turd, and gave off the impression that my screen had been glazed in petroleum jelly. The Vita version ran perfectly, so yeah, the choice was clear as crystal.


Sometimes though, it simply comes down to preference. Take Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward for instance. I had played through (and subsequently had my brain pour out my nose) the previous installment, Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, on the DS, so my heart naturally preferred the 3DS version. While I was assured the story would not tie into the two screen setup as 999 had, I still felt it most natural to play it on my 3DS. Sure, the Vita version looked better, and didn’t ship with a game-breaking bug (which I painstakingly avoided), but I couldn’t help myself. That’s not to say the 3DS version didn’t have it’s own benefits. The form factor of the 3DS meant I could sit it down on the arm of the couch and read my way through the game, not having to hover over it as I would on Vita. The game’s layout made more sense too, I could easily display my hints and scribblings on the top screen as I used the bottom to solve the puzzle. Nothing amazing, of course, but they were elements I appreciated.


Now I’m facing a similar situation with Batman. I’m having zero luck in tracking down footage of the 3DS version, relying on written impressions to build an idea of what to expect. The Vita version looks stunning, but if the two screen setup of the 3DS is used well I may pick it up there instead. From what I can gather, the touch screen acts as quick access to switching items and gadgets. If Blackgate takes as much from the Metroid series as implied, a map being down there will be a huge selling point for me.

While the situation is few and far between, I go into panic mode when it comes down to making these decisions. Sadly, the coverage portable games receive leaves much to be desired. I’m basically bugging folks on Twitter and email for information on their game. Hopefully things get easier, lest a few more of my brain cells pop in deliberation.

Vita TV Isn’t The Answer

I’m stuck in a mire of confusion over the PlayStation Vita TV. While I could quickly comes to the defense of the 2DS, I’m struggling to see how beneficial this device will be for the Vita.



I really, really, really adore my Vita. As I’ve said before, it’s a terrific system. I just wish Sony would think so too, as they appear to have done little to make it a ‘must-have’ item. Say what you will about Nintendo’s botching of the 3DS launch and their on-going struggles with the Wii U, but at least I can argue that they give a damn about their hardware. While that care ends up delaying their software by considerable lengths (convenient too in the case of Holiday season titles), those games end up selling Nintendo hardware. Sony however seems content to piddle away whatever goodwill they have left with the Vita, seemingly relying on “dat OLED” memes to sell their latest portable.

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No Arms, No Legs, All Fun

Sorry about the mess, just mind the puddles of brain matter as you tip toe through my living room. While I expected Rayman Legends to be fun, I didn’t count on my brain being blown out the back of my head.

As I mentioned previously, last weekend I was steamrolling through Rayman Origins, in hopes of wrapping it up before Legends came out. I don’t encourage that process, as pouring hours of one game only to dive into its sequel immediately after often causes fatigue. I felt that Legends would be more of the same, with some extra doodads mixed in for variety. But, as you know, my brain lies in pieces around the room, so obviously my expectations were far off.


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Otome Is The Bomb

Guys and gals…I think I’ve been duped.

I thought I had played visual novels before – a genre of games that are much more reading than they are…I don’t know, jumping around killing dudes.

Games like Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, Virtue’s Last Reward, Hotel Dusk, and the Ace Attorney series seemed to be examples of the genre to me. I’m sure there are those who’d argue they’re representations of some other book-ish genre, editing Wikipedia entries between our debates.

But maybe they were right all along. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side, released for the PSP early last week, is perhaps the very definition of a visual novel, leaning further away from the ‘game’ side of things than I’m accustomed to.

Sweet Fuse At Your Side_0008

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