Vita TV Isn’t The Answer

I’m stuck in a mire of confusion over the PlayStation Vita TV. While I could quickly comes to the defense of the 2DS, I’m struggling to see how beneficial this device will be for the Vita.



I really, really, really adore my Vita. As I’ve said before, it’s a terrific system. I just wish Sony would think so too, as they appear to have done little to make it a ‘must-have’ item. Say what you will about Nintendo’s botching of the 3DS launch and their on-going struggles with the Wii U, but at least I can argue that they give a damn about their hardware. While that care ends up delaying their software by considerable lengths (convenient too in the case of Holiday season titles), those games end up selling Nintendo hardware. Sony however seems content to piddle away whatever goodwill they have left with the Vita, seemingly relying on “dat OLED” memes to sell their latest portable.

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