On Wings of Pastrami

So the The Wonderful 101 is amazing. In a world blanketed in the fog of ‘AAA or bust’, it’s a breath of fresh air.

But since thus us a handheld gaming site. let me get to the point before I begin pleading with you to buy what is most definitely my favourite game of the year.

With all the Wonderful‘ing I’ve been up to, I was brought back to the early-ish days of 2012 and that year’s best game; Kid Icarus: Uprising.

The two relate in many ways, and despite following The Wonderful 101 pretty closely, it wasn’t something I expected. The debated controls, the hilarious dialog, and the surprising amount of content are all shared by these two fantastic titles. Suddenly, I couldn’t focus on the adventures of Wonder-Red and his merry band. I drifted off down memory lane, reminiscing about the amazing times Pit and I shared.


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