Theme Machine

It’s nice that I can throw some change at Luigi after his Year came to an unceremonious close (with some putting the blame of Nintendo’s financial woes on his weak, weak, shoulders). I’m sure he needs a little pocket money, considering his position as the “other brother” and Nintendo looking to him for answers on why his year wasn’t a massive success.



I didn’t think I could be won over by the 3DS themes, and in large part I wasn’t. While the theme store teases a darling Animal Crossing theme (starring Nintendo’s Lightning, Rosalina Isabelle), I was disappointed by the bland design of the rest. There’s one based off of Mario’s sprite from the original Super Mario Bros., but it focused on the colour white, and I thought the point of these themes is moving away from the sterile chamber I’ve been locked in for years now.

Luckily, Luigi’s smiling face was there, as if to say “It’s-a alright, Tyler. You can-a always count on-a me.”

He may always play second fiddle, but on my 3DS, he’s a god damn star.


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