Theatrhythm Interview by Nintendo World Report

My old stomping grounds, Nintendo World Report, was fortunate enough to speak with Theatrhythm’s producer, Ichiro Hazama. In turn, I was fortunate enough to submit a bunch of questions! You can read the interview in its entirety here, and I’ll include a favourite part of mine below. Tell them Tyler sent you!

NWR: How did your relationship with indieszero begin? Why is indieszero a perfect fit for the series?
IH: When I was working in the merchandising department, I had asked indieszero to produce some Final Fantasy-themed trading cards for us. I really got a sense of the care they put into their work, as well as the enthusiasm they have for the title so I asked them to work on Theatrhythm. With that being the biggest reason for working with indieszero, Mr. Suzuki, the president, and I happened to have a working relationship (superior and subordinate) from our previous job. The fact that I fully understood his potential was also a large contributing factor. Even now, I believe asking them to work on this project was the biggest factor to the success of the game.



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