I wrote a feature for USGamer.net about the state of horror games on handhelds, and I was lucky enough to speak with the folks behind games like Lone Survivor, Corpse Party, Dementium: The Ward, and Home. It’s a genre we don’t see much of on our portables, which is crazy considering the benefits our handhelds afford us. You can bring them anywhere, which means you can heighten that sense of fear by changing your surroundings…perhaps heading somewhere a little less comfortable than your living room.

Here’s an excerpt from the piece, which you can read in full here.

I make a run for the alleyway, its potent mixture of rot and decay should hide my scent from these…well, I’m not sure what they are. I’m heading somewhere, and while I can’t think of an exact location, it’s definitely away from here. I stick to the shadows, avoiding the filth at my feet. As if it even matters anymore. The monsters shamble past, as I squeeze the letter my dead wife left me, one that she managed to send from beyond the grave. I think I’m alone, but there’s hot air hitting my neck now…and I think I’m a goner.

I look up and I’m surrounded, but not by zombies. I’m joined by a different shuffling mass, composed of nurses, factory workers, and writers. The warm breath on my neck was from the college student sitting next to me. My Vita may be in my hands now, but just a moment ago I was in its world. That’s the beauty of handhelds; I can bring them everywhere, and they can take me anywhere.



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