No Fan’s Land

I struggle to find a reason for any writer to use a phrase as faulty as “for fans of (Insert Genre or Franchise Here)“. It displays a clear misunderstanding of just what a review is, passing the buck as the author scrambles to avoid any abuse from a game’s audience.

“Hey, Naruto fans, you can’t be mad at my 5/10 because I said you’re the only ones who could find any enjoyment!”

If this truly is a review, that kind of scapegoating has no place. Why should anyone put up with a bad game just because it’s tied to a license they enjoy? Would anyone suffer through a moldy bacon sandwich because of their attachment to the “sandwich” variety of food?

In the same way, even a positive experience shouldn’t be claimed to be any better if one enjoys the source material. I’m having a great time with One Piece, but know nothing of the anime and manga that spawned it. But as I write my review, I’m not considering how beneficial that knowledge may be. My job is to tell you if the game is good or not. If I tag all these stipulations on it, what’s the point?

It seems as if some writers just don’t know what to make of licensed games. As if the lack of fun is due to these outside influences, and that should the reader enjoy those aspects, the game is suddenly a better product. image

We should always treat each other as gamers wanting to play a good game. Why risk the disappointment? If I can get a One Piece fan to play Unlimited World Red and become a gamer, that’s a win. I can’t imagine burning that bridge by encouraging the purchase of something they’d enjoy on purely a superficial level.


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