Loyalty to No Man (But a Company on the Other Hand…)

I have this compulsion to do whatever I can to support “the little guy”. Not in some noble “I supported Rudy before it was cool” sort of way, my efforts are a bit more…absurd.

While the net worth of a company like Atlus, XSeed and Aksys may be more than I make from a decade’s worth of work, I can’t help but see them as this little fish in a big, dirty, scummy pond. I put this idea in my head that every game may be their last, that if I don’t buy it day one and extol its virtues I could be held responsible for their downfall. And when these companies are the only few willing to publish the Japanese games I crave, another day with XSeed in the world is a blessed one.

This isn’t a selfless act of course. I’m also saving myself the trouble of tracking down a copy of Raronee’s Love Fest Plus: Limited Edition in six months for a cost triple that of its original release, or worse yet, but it digitally. Ewwwwwww.

If you’re thinking I’m a weak person with far too loose a wallet, I couldn’t argue against that. But I have made strides! Conception II had all the trappings to appeal to my sensitivies; published by Atlus, made in Japan, and just the slightest hint of This may not have made it over so you better thank us with dollars. But, I didn’t pull the trigger. I realized that I didn’t need it, that one less dungeon crawler in my life wasn’t going to kill me.

But like a youthful Paula Abdul, for every two steps forward I end up another two steps back. One Piece: Unlimited World Red released just this past Tuesday, and before that is point in time it existed far, far off my radar, floating somewhere between Call of Duty: Whatever and Dragon Ball: Charge Fest. But damn my curiosity! The GAF thread revealed it to be developed by Ganbarion, the studio behind the lovely Pandora’s Tower (and Wii Fit U no less). So now I find myself enjoying a game where it’s biggest draw means nothing to me.

I suppose in this time of AAA or bust, I don’t want to see the latter. We’ve lost too many great developers this past generation, and I’ll do what little I can to make it clear that Yes, we want to strip secret vampires in the streets of Japan, and we want to see more of it!


One thought on “Loyalty to No Man (But a Company on the Other Hand…)

  1. i’ll admit to falling into the habit of buying games just as an act of voting with my dollars. and i also resisted the siren call of Conception II, which was appeal to me for that same reasons you mentioned. However, the demo had the inverse effect on me as the EO demos. it lowered my interest just enough to hold off until the price lowers a bit.

    i’m making an attempt to reduce the amount of “support” dollars that i throw at games, and striving more to finish games that i buy. the harsh reality is that, in the end, my $40 or $50 will cause a company to neither sink or swim. So while i may only buy 75% of the games i would have bought a couple of years ago, i still try to get the word out so that more people are exposed to games that they may not pay attention to.

    Like RH. nice first pic by the way.

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