Sigmata – Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus – Part Two

We arrive at Hayabusa Village, a place in even shittier shape than when we left it. Here, Ryu’s old man, Joe Hayabusa, fends off an overdressed warrior named Genshin. The walls around them are ablaze, but nothing burns stronger than Genny’s hunger for…the Demon Statue.

I like to think of this chapter as a typical Hollywood sequel. “Ryu is back…with some all new toys to play with.” Cut to our hero dismembering foes like there’s no tomorrow. “This Summer, Ryu’s gonna Haya-bust-a cap in your ass.”


Despite the well tread surroundings (we last played through this village in Ninja Gaiden 1), the level remains pretty exciting. And it’s impossible to get tired of cutting up the Black Spider Clan, especially after they lit my home on fire.

Before we get too nostalgic, this chapter introduces some new aspects as well.

Meet the Ninja Dog.

While the game has stopped referring to me as such, it doesn’t drop the idea entirely with this pack of canine commandos. While I don’t like the idea of fighting sword wielding dogs, it’s me or them, and my Dad really needs my help right now.

Soon after, I get a second new weapon, the Falcon’s Talons. This reminds me that I never said a word about the previous addition to my arsenal, the Lunar Staff. That’s because it sucks, and this new set is a hunk of junk too. Ryu looks like a goof with it on, so forget it. Dragon Sword for life.


Continuing this line of awful new traditions, may I present Sigma 2‘s underwater filter in all its glory.


What a mess, and very dizzying in person. I’m sure there’ll be some required swimming later on, so I have to build an immunity while I can.

This chapter is in a giving mood, and I wind up with a bow soon enough. While not assigned to a physical button, its implementation is leagues better than what we saw in Sigma the first. This time around, there’s a icon on the screen that when tapped brings you into an aiming view. When doing so, the reticule will lock on to the nearest target, making quick take downs much easier. Best of all, pressing any of the action buttons brings you out of aiming mode, a must in a game that requires such quick reactions.

It isn’t long before Rasetsu crawls back from the gutter, rocking his appalling man-spider form.

He goes down easy enough, but his “death” is noticeably less visceral than others, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he does indeed show up once more.

Eventually I’m face to face with with Genshin, Elizébet (the freaky lady from the previous chapter), and…Dad! He’s just barely hanging on, dangling from a hole in the floor after his battle with Genshin. Elizébet takes off with the Demon Statue, and Ryu attempts to stop her, but Genshin gets in the way.

The battle with Genny is all things ninja; a burning dojo, a father in danger, an electric sword…it’s all your favourite tropes in one. Genshin is very light on his feet, and makes great use of his blade fingers and sword.

Despite my best efforts, the game decides I’m losing, and tosses me into a cinematic with Genshin leaping towards me to deliver the fatal blow. Thankfully, Pops made himself useful and jumps out of that hole just in time to save me. As Joe Hayabusa is locking swords with his adversary, he tells me to chase after Elizébet, as she is the true turd in this situation.

Next time on Sigmata, Chapter 3: Thunderclap of Catastrophe!


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