Sigmata – Let’s Play Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus – Part One

Our adventure begins with a young woman asking a very old man about the whereabouts of our protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa. While blonde and bound in leather, this woman is not Rachel, the demon hunter with the water bed breasts from our previous adventure. The senior citizen is Muramasa, the item peddler from Sigma Plus. He appears clueless about Ryu’s location, but her wish to discuss the “arch fiend” catches his attention.

Things go awry with the arrival of the Black Spider Clan, literally crashing into Muramasa’s conversation. The mystery woman brandishes her handguns, and proves she is no damsel in distress. At least for a little while.


Ryu shows up, slicing and dicing members of the clan like it’s going out of style. Until the leader shows up, of course. Despite taking on giant dragons and ancient evils in the past, this bozo proves to be too much for Ryu, and the clan makes off with the leather lady. An evil looking woman sits aboard the helicopter, playing the role of capture. Ppphhh, whatever…no sweat off my–Wait, she spoke of the Arch Fiend? Shit.


Immediately I was impressed by the visuals. It’s more detailed than its predecessor and the environments don’t seem so smoothed over and perfect. A lot of Sigma‘s settings never seemed lived in, everything looked newly furnished. The disparity between the two games is obviously due to the generation gap between the systems these ports are based on (Xbox versus Xbox 360), but it’s appreciated none the less. Sigma 2‘s opening area is an interesting run through Japan’s skyscrapers, with some scenic stops at what I imagine is considered “old Japan”; cherry blossoms, sand gardens, and the like.

I should mention that I’m not much of a gamer, or better put, I don’t really have the abilities someone who has played games as long as I have should. So, with years worth of horror stories guiding me, I opted for Hero Mode. It’s basically an easy mode for babies.

So after making quick and dirty work of many a foe, a giant wakes from its slumber…

I’ll tell you right now that I’ll be attacking its hands. It’s some sort of giant boss code that its weak point must be the hands. The statue is going to awkwardly rest its mitts on the field, and I’m going to go to town on them.

Holy crap, what did I tell you? Fighting a national monument is pretty odd, as I’m more used to the demon folk, but I wrap things up quickly and continue my sure for leather lass.

Ryu spots her in a building, tied to a chair and being slapped around by the bad lady from earlier. Ryu does some fancy ninja flying, and manages to crash inside the building. Not the greatest change of scenery…

…and it’s certainly not going to look any better with all the Spider Clan heads and arms rolling around.

Upon making my way to the buildings top, I shockingly find the leather lady and shady woman aboard a helicopter! Since he kicked my butt in a cinematic, the Black Spider Clan leader, Rasetsu, thinks he can repeat his success in-game. I doubt everything is about to end here, but the leader bends things to his favour by grossing me out with the revealing of his true form; an ugly spider man!

This is a pretty fun romp, with the man spider getting some really good hits on me. But, naturally, our battle comes to an end with Ryu the victor. The shady woman takes off with leathered one, but gets super pissed at the shurikens I toss at her. So she kicks her hostage off the helicopter, revealing her to be a CIA agent. Ryu catches her, and the chapter comes to aOHHHH SHIT, THIS ASSHOLE IS BACK FOR SECONDS.

It doesn’t put up much of a fight though, as Ryu gets pretty nasty and takes some grueling swipes at its face.

I return to the lady formerly known as hostage (and will now be called by her proper name, Sonia), who tells me the fiends are out to resurrect the Arch Fiend, and have left for Ryu’s village to obtain the Demon Statue. Ryu is all “Shit, my dad!” and takes off. Sonia is left cold and alone, wondering if revealing leather is the impression she wants to leave people with.

Join me next time for Chapter 2: The Castle of the Dragon!


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