Vita owners have a lot to be upset about. I wrote on Sony’s Vita efforts earlier this week, bemoaning their attempts at masking a new peripheral as a benefit to their handheld.


Purported to be an accident (but so crushing that it’s hard to believe so), Sony’s PlayStation blog published a story with the headline “Final Fantasy Type-0 Coming to PS Vita”. Within the hour, Sony recognized the error, and swapped “Vita” for “PS4”.

Then the shit hit the fan.

All this anger and vitriol has resulted in a Twitter campaign, with supporters using the #NOVITANOBUY hashtag. There’s a Change.org petition as well, which at this point is nearly 1000 signatures strong.

What I’m having trouble with is this movement’s message. Not only am I not clear of what they aren’t buying (PS4s, Xbox Ones, the game altogether?), I think the tone behind it all is far too aggressive.

It wasn’t long ago that the #Miiquality argument took over our social networks and message boards. The original intent was to show Nintendo the gay community’s displeasure with the lack of same sex marriages in Tomodachi Life. While some supporters refused to buy the game, the original intent was to have Nintendo acknowledge their cause, which in the end is just what happened.


What’s happening with Final Fantasy Type-0 is too threatening to gain much traction. While I understand the value of “speaking with your wallet”, this all just seems too dramatic. As I said, it’s unclear who the target is, as there’s no “central command”, no guiding force. The hashtag is so much of an attack, that there’s no real response or argument to have. It’s either “give us what we want, or go to hell”.

I’d love Sony to take the Vita more seriously, but there’s other ways to go about this. #VitaNeedsGames could be just as strong a movement, and leaves room for discussion.

We’ll see how this plays out, and maybe I’ll be wrong and gamers will get what they want. I don’t think it’s ever wrong to make your voice heard, but tone and intent are paramount.


3 thoughts on “#NoVitaNoBuy

  1. Hello,

    I’m one of those who have been taking part in this campaign since its start. I’ve come across several people now who have said the same thing about #NOVITANOBUY coming off as too aggressive and, to an extent, I’ve halfway agreed with that.
    But I still believed what we were doing was right. We wanted to be aggressive. We wanted to be loud and show we’re sick of not only this Type-0 nonsense, but Sony’s lack of support for the Vita as a whole. We weren’t just voting with our wallets – we were refusing to support a company that no longer acknowledges us. In that sense, #NOVITANOBUY is quite similar to #Miiquality.

    However, this is the first piece I’ve read that articulately breaks down why the #NOVITANOBUY tag could be potentially damaging. We are refusing to buy the game if it’s not on Vita, but the tag itself really is betraying more than that to many people. I don’t think that’s something I can support anymore.

    Despite the intentions I’ve had with this tag (which have overwhelmingly been a respectful protest to the Vita’s current situation), the words are saying something else to many and that’s what matters.
    The #PSVitaDirect tag, while slower and less populated, has been essentially asking for the same thing as #NOVITANOBUY and I now wish I had joined that group sooner. There are many kind, respectful folks in #NOVITANOBUY and I mean them no harm when I say this, but it may be time to rethink things. I believe it is time to recuse myself from the situation.

    I’ll hold firm in my initial belief – I won’t buy the HD remaster of Type-0 unless it’s on Vita and this is for many reasons – but I will be leaving this campaign. I’ve actively attempted to maintain composure and respect for other’s opinions during this ordeal, but I submit that I think I’ve been too aggressive just by using such a wide-scope, undefined hashtag.

    Thank you for preparing a well thought out response and argument to the movement.

  2. Thank you too, you’ve put a lot of thought into your comment and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

    I’m happy to see such a calm response. I don’t have any issues with those supporting the cause, as I too feel much the same way regarding the Vita and its treatment.

    Hopefully the Vita will gain the respect it deserves, and we can have our voice heard through a more thoughtful campaign.

  3. Luckily, it seems several of the more respectful users I previously spoke of are currently trying to find a way to combine #PSVitaDirect and #NOVITANOBUY. I’ve seen #Type0forVita pop up as well, which seems like a much more organized tag that clearly explains what it’s about.

    It’ll be hard for them to switch directions now. #NOVITANOBUY got a lot of publicity from Kotaku.

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