Worry Wart


When Nintendo’s financials become a conversation piece, the discussion hops from one extreme to another. What unites them all is how far in the future they would occur (if at all). The theories range from going third party, becoming a handheld only company, and a portable that streams to the television. No matter how absurd or realistic, the fact remains these assumptions are years away

But what about right now? How does a $336 million operating loss affect them in the present?

What worries me is the small stuff, things I’d like to see rectified or improved that won’t do much to improve their finances.

I think of Miiverse, and if it will be allowed the chance to grow and transform. Miiverse doesn’t move systems, and as it stands is completely functional. But could it be faster? Could it become a messaging service on the 3DS? Definitely, but when time and resources could be better spent on projects Nintendo deems as important, that kind of stuff gets pushed to the side.

With the 3DS riding high, is it safe enough for Nintendo to pull resources away from that platform and move them to the Wii U? Or will Nintendo see their handheld as the greener pasture, and push even harder for its continued success?

It’s funny how I’m writing nothing but questions. However, I think that’s a good thing. I like to think I’m a positive person; singing the praises of what I enjoy, while ignoring what I don’t. These questions show doubt, it means that I obviously don’t know all the answers (or pretend to). That mystery keeps me hopeful. I’ll do my part, buy the games I want, play them, and talk about them. There’s nothing more I can do than that, really.

What I’m seeing is a lot of confidence in what boils down to nothing more than speculation. Whether it’s from Nintendo apologists, haters, and those in between, everyone seems to know where Nintendo is heading. I have no idea how to run a company of that size, so why pretend? It’s just as absurd as Mr. Fils-Aime hopping on Twitter and telling me how to be a father of two, and where my life is headed.

I suppose I’d rather let these events run their course. I can’t spend my time worrying about Nintendo’s fate when I can just enjoy myself with their efforts now. And when the now consists of games like Super Mario 3D World and A Link Between Worlds, Nintendo is making it super hard to focus on anything else.


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