Deadly Premonition

The following is a discussion of how I ruined the ending of A Link Between Worlds for myself. My self loathing does not extend to you, dear reader, so worry not of spoilers. This is a spoiler free zone.

I guessed the ending to The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Unlike most of my attempts (“That guy is totally the killer!), I was actually correct this time.

Now, this isn’t a backdoor brag. I’m an idiot when it comes to this kind of stuff. Disney films blow me away (“WHAT?! The evil sorcerer fell down a cliff!?), and my daughter’s bedtime stories leave me stunned.


And let’s not discredit A Link Between Worlds; its ending has some nice twists. I just couldn’t help myself, and I let my brain run the show and formulate some theories. This has only happened once before; Nicole Kidman’s The Others. But that movie was junk (sorry, Nicole), so it’s not as if I cared. But A Link Between Worlds. is rad as hell, so I was pretty let down. The ending was spoiled by myself of all people!

Do yourself a favour and don’t think about A Link Between Worlds.Turn off your noggin, ignore the signs, and don’t extrapolate anything from anybody. Or else you’ll hate yourself forever and suck the joy out of the best handheld game of the year.

Shit. That last part is a spoiler. Act surprised when I reveal my 2013 Stickies…please?


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