Swapnote is dead!

Long live every existing alternative!

The 3DS messaging service, known as Swapnote, is no more. I see the cries for mercy, the threats thrown at our Nintendo overlords. But for all the lamentation over the program’s abrupt ending, I want to reply back with that famous Reggie Fils-aime picture.


I just can’t reciprocate those feelings, bro. I never enjoyed Swapnote, so I won’t be losing any sleep over the decision.

Nintendo reports that due to children throwing their 3DS friend code into the wild, asshole losers are getting ahold of them and sending gross stuff their way. Do I believe this is happening? Absolutely. Is it the reason Swapnote has been gutted? I imagine it plays a role, but I’m sure there’s something else at play. Perhaps Miiverse’s introduction to the 3DS would destroy any reason for Swapnote to exist.

Did you use Swapnote as a fun way to exchange doodles? Great, you have my sympathies. What I’m bothered by is the sudden appearance of Swapnote ‘super fans’ claiming the 3DS’s one message delivery system is gone. Guess what? You outed yourself as someone who never used Swapnote because no one used it to exchange messages. Wanted to ask your bud to play some Mario Kart before bed? I hope you were intending to play two days later, because that’s when he’s getting your note. Swapnote was very much a Nintendo product, but one that’s largest flaw made it a novelty at most. When I remember that it staggered your downloaded notes, and made any sort of organization a chore, I can’t believe it didn’t die sooner.

I feel the overwhelming backlash is just being upset over something being taken away. Should we worry about Nintendo taking the eShop away because Jonny Kiddo is buying Mature rated games? Nope! Nintendo just realized what a turd Swapnote was, and will atone for its sin with the eventual release of Miiverse on 3DS.


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