Why the 2DS Benefits Everyone

The 2DS is awesome, providing a cheaper alternative of of one hell of a system.

No, you’re not reading a press release, nor have I accepted a job at Nintendo of Canada. This is how I honestly feel. The 2DS is a good thing, and not just for its intended demographic of ‘babies’.


While the 3DS has certainly been a success, it’s often critiqued for not being the powerhouse the DS was. If that’s the case, what is the barrier that impedes the 3DS from achieving those heights?

“Smart phones!” some wisenheimer shouts from the balcony. While certainly a popular opinion, the two offer wildly unique experiences, so there’s no reason to exclude one for the other. I own a toaster and an oven, few people would ever be baffled by such purchases.

Maybe it’s time you ask your butt. Well, maybe something that resides close to ot. As much attention as you should be paying to your colon, I’m talking about your wallet.

Even at the $169.99 price point for the original 3DS, that remains a lot of clams. I’m sure there’s plenty of research on impulse buy prices, and 170 big ones isn’t one that makes people lose all common sense and splurge.

With the 2DS, we’re paying $129.99 for what amounts to be a 3DS…minus the 3D. Not bad, especially considering it’s launching alongside Pokémon X and Y, two games that will be emblazoned with “DON’T EVEN TOUCH THIS IF YOU AREN’T 7+ AND CARE ABOUT YOUR EYEBALLS.” The 3D aspect of the 3DS is scary for some parents, even me. I know my daughter won’t go blind, and any chance of permanent damage is slim, but why take the chance? The 2DS is odd, but it lets my mind (and bank account) relax a bit.

So how does the 2DS benefit you and I? Why, by its mere existence of course!

Want more games? More 3DSs in the hands of gamers guarantees that. You’re favourite JRPG series missing an entry or four in your native land? Nintendo boasting sales of XX million 3DSs just may help with that!

It’s not a guarantee, but any successful console receives a vast library. Just look at the DS, I doubt anyone foresaw the breadth of its eventual catalog just a few years into its life.

As far as games go, for me the wackier it is the better. Those niche titles are hard to justify when the market may be seen as too small. Bolster those numbers with a product like the 2DS, and I think everyone can be happy, adults and children alike.


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