StreetPassing Interest

It feels great to actually give a hoot about StreetPasses again. This ‘new’ batch of StreetPass games has rekindled my love for toting around my bulky 3DS XL, something I haven’t felt as compelled to do since the system launched.


My interest began to wane as Kid Icarus: Uprising weapon gems began piling up, and Mario Kart 7 ghost data started pouring out of my 3DS’s openings. There just wasn’t anything compelling enough to make the act worthwhile. I’m fortunate enough to get a StreetPass or two on my daily adventures, and yet here I was ignoring them.

There were glimmers of hope along the way. Unfortunately, they required others to actually give a damn about what they were doing. There is only so many times I’m willing to compete against another’s Mushroom Pack score, the first Coin Rush set in New Super Mario Bros. 2. “Ah, sweet,” I’d exclaim, “a frigging FreakyForms StreetPass! Let’s go check it ou–oh, it’s a butt. Someone made a butt and named him ‘Yo Mama’. Of course they did.” Making matters worse was how damn cool Atlus made their StreetPass bonuses, only to doom them by having them be part of their own games. I have a hard enough time finding other 3DS owners, never mind even nerdier ones like myself.

Find Mii was certainly available, acting as the ever reliable friend. But, it ran its course too. Eventually it became an obstacle to its own enjoyment, throwing up foes that required certain combinations of Miis to pass. When I did hire on the appropriate players, I would only lose my entire lineup in the next room of ‘poisonous gas’ or what have you. It quickly became a chore, no matter how many hats they threw at me.

So it’s with much happiness that I’ve began to care about that glowing green light once more. Mii Force, Warrior’s Way, Monster Manor, and (to a lesser extent) Flower Town have welcomed me back with genuine fun. Once more, StreetPasses mean something; shooting down an alien armada, battling massive armies in a complex game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, traversing a haunted mansion composed of Tetris blocks, and…umm…watering flowers. It’s funny that the game based StreetPass bonuses are just icing on the cake, with these titles taking center stage. What makes the experience even cooler is the leaderboards built into these games, allowing you to compare your scores with the person you passed. The craziest thing to come out of this is discovering I’m actually pretty good at Mii Force! I’m actually decent at a game, people!

Nintendo reaching out to these outside studios was a genius move. It’s great knowing that these little ideas a developer may have can find a home in the StreetPass Mii Plaza, and they’re able to really pull you in with clever uses of the technology. Partnered with the new StreetPass relay system, it’s better than ever to have your walking impaired by a 3-pound hunk of plastic.

Burn in hell, Find Mii. Nobody needs you anymore.

For further discussion on these new StreetPass Mii Plaza games, give your eyes a break and listen to the Nintendo Fun Club podcast on the matter.


2 thoughts on “StreetPassing Interest

  1. Totally agree, except I STILL play Find Mii 2 Secret Quest. Those hats!

  2. I can understand, I’d really like some of them. It just feels so archaic and tailored to Japan. Losing an entire troop of Miis because they entered a room without the proper combination of shirt colors is ridiculous, but a constant string of StreetPasses would dull the sting. Problem is, I’m averaging like 5 a week, so I can’t even be bothered anymore.

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