DSi (se)XL: The King of All Handhelds

If faced with that dreadful desert island scenario, forced to choose one handheld to bring along with me, I’d go with the DSi XL.

I’m concerned in telling you this that it would be misconstrued as some sort of joke. Well, I’m not Louie Anderson, so I’m afraid I’m not kidding around (or father to one of my favourite cartoon programs).

Indeed, it is true; the DSi XL is the finest handheld known to man. It’s placement in the history books is made all the more spectacular considering it was birthed by the homeliest handheld on record (this being the original DS of course, the model that time had a portion of its brain removed to forget).


But why do I love it so? What has always impressed me most is how it feels like it were built for an adult. Its size isn’t just for boasting, it benefits its owner by not rendering their hands useless after an hour’s worth of play. Included with every XL was its own XL stylus, a beast of an accessory. Really comes in handy when you don’t feel like using a baby’s toothpick to play a game.

The meatier XL stylus as compared to the standard size, and an uncooked weiner.

The meatier XL stylus as compared to the standard size, and an uncooked wiener.

Apart from its size, many of its best attributes are owed to its predecessor, the DSi. Those features remain noteworthy, because for as unappreciated the XL is, the original model lacked acceptance as well. I can’t really blame anyone for passing it over, the DS Lite was terrific, and there’s no real need to throw money around willy nilly on every hardware iteration Nintendo throws around.

The DSi XL, all pretty like.

The DSi XL, all pretty like.

I should travel cross country, giving folks a shot at the DSi XL. The clicky buttons will make the first impression, wiping our eyes clear of the crust the Life’s squishy buttons left behind.9

‘Romove the cartridge,” I’ll whisper in their ear.

They follow my instruction. “My god,” they shout, “the system didn’t freeze. The system didn’t freeze!

The DSi models had a properly functioning OS, isn’t that nuts? Not only that, bit you could boot to the home screen with a tap of the power button, even change the lighting level while in game.Certainly nothing mind blowing in this age of Twittering Vitas, but hey, it was something.

Am I telling you to rob, lie, and cheat your way to DSi XL ownership? No, just save up your money, fool. And once you do have enough cheddar to get one, DO IT. As nice as it is to play DS games on your 3DS, they look like butt. Get an XL, and play Yoshi Touch & Go the way it was meant to be played; on a biggie. You can thank me in the comments.


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