Neo Geo Pocket Bother

Am I allowed to run a site based around portable gaming if I don’t own a Neo Geo Pocket Color? Seriously, is there a rule against this kind of thing?

It’s not like I owned one at some point or another, then did that weird thing where I sell off my consoles only to buy them again later. 

never owned a Neo Geo Pocket Color.

In fact, I’ve never even held the thing. The two times I’ve seen one was on the wrong side of a display window. I hear tales of a ‘clicky’ analog nub. I remember it connected to the Dreamcast, which was actually pretty cute in a ‘being buried side by side’ kind of way. Oh, and it provided the owner with a daily horoscope, “I hope you like fighters. Lucky Numbers: 5, 7, 23, 54.”

I never picked one up because…it didn’t have any games I wanted. Even now, tempted by hot eBay deals, I find it difficult to take the plunge. I did my research, looked into the Neo Geo Pocket Color’s best games. Not a feeling was stirred. I’m not much of a fighting game fan, so I’m left with odd Metal Slug installments and like, a slot machine game. Am I being reductive? Absolutely, but when the one game that sparks my interest averages $100 on eBay, it’s hard to commit.







I don’t want to be so disillusioned with the NGPC. It would be rad as hell if it had a library I was interested in. It likely would have had it run its course. 

You know that nightmare scenario Nintendo faces with each piece of kit they release? The one where third parties will support it when sales pick up, but sales won’t pick up until it receives those games? Well, at least when Nintendo deals with that situation, the console manages to live a full life sustained by first party efforts. The NGPC wasn’t so lucky.

So in a way, I killed the Neo Geo Pocket Color by not buying it in 1999, possibly dooming the 2013 version of me to a life where there’s a handheld I can’t muster any interest in.

So am I a jerk, or a total jerk? I’ll have to ask the SNK fans banging at my chamber door, Just one moment…


One thought on “Neo Geo Pocket Bother

  1. Yeah, your “pocket” gamer card should be revoked. I’m not big on fighters, but there are still amazing titles on the Neo Geo Pocket Color. Try Faselei! for something eye opening. Try Card Fighters Clash for something thought provoking. Try Biomotor Unitron for something role playing.

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