Way of the Glamurai

Flynn asks the demon to become an ally…

Naga: I want a Life container!


Naga: I need some cash money! 534 mecca!


Naga: Hey, I used to have a helmet like that…until my Mom got a job! Hahahaha

The demon has fled.

Burroughs: He’s got you there, master.


But really, how can anyone take me seriously with  a getup like that? I might as well be carrying a foam sword and baggies of rice.

It’s not that I want to look that terrible, it’s that I have to. Despite a pretty decent cash flow, these damn blacksmiths can’t be bothered to craft anything halfway bad ass. I’m still wearing my pre-order bonus, the EB Games ‘power hoodie’! In a world mystified by guns, my promo sweater goes by unnoticed?

But it’s my helmet that takes the cake. Have you seen Flynn? The guy is his own hairdresser. He doesn’t even dare step into Naraku until his widow’s peak is juuuuust right. But unless he wants his head stomped in, dude’s got to throw on the most stereotypical armour ever created? Not only that, now he has got to deal with helmet hair? Damn.

Is it so wrong to want to look awesome? From afar I look great, lighting my surroundings with wild fire balls and lightning bolts. Step a little closer and it’s Nerd Town USA, population Flynn.

At least there’s always the Centaur. I keep him around just so I’m not the absolute worst looking thing around. Two horses connected at the abdomen? Yeah, things could always be worse I suppose.


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